As a plus-size triathlete, it can be difficult to find gear that fits. Especially, when a triathlon 3XL fits about a size 6 in street clothing.  Thankfully, I’ve found some great resources for the Athena and Clydesdale athlete in you.

Aerotech Designs:  They sell women’s tri-shorts up to 4XL (the real 4XL too, not “tri” sizes), and men’s big and tall gear as well. They usually have a nice assortment of cycling apparel too.  Plus, they send a cute bicycle key chain with most orders.

Aquashere Kayenne Goggles: I went thru a ton of goggles, before finding my favorites. Aquashere’s Kayenne goggles don’t fog, they don’t slip and slide, and they don’t leak. Love these. I prefer the “mens” over the ladies, because they have bigger frames. You can’t go wrong with either fit.  Dicks Sporting Goods, local pool supply shops, and are great resources to pick up your pair. I own them in clear, smoke, and polarized.

Body Glide:  Body Glide is a must, to keep chafing away.  Slather this anywhere your clothes or skin may rub together.  You can find this at local running or triathlon shops, or



Triathlon for the Every Woman: This book is a must-read for the female triathlete. Meredith (of Swim Bike Mom) has an engaging writing style.  Just make sure you have a highlighter or notepad handy to take notes. Available on, and Kindle Unlimited.



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