My Tri Story

Fat, sad, and kinda hopeless. That’s how I sat in Weight Watchers one spring morning in 2014. I’d been “playing” at WW, but not really giving it my all.  That morning, we were focusing on activity. My leader tossed out to the group the idea of participating in a triathlon. She’d done one, and there was a local race just for women.

A couple of my WW buddies were all about it. Not me.  I’d never been athletic. I couldn’t even complete the 15 minute mile in high school…when I was of “average” weight.  Peer pressure ensued.  I said ok.  Ran it  by my doctor (praying he’d say I was crazy), and he thought it was a good idea.

Long story short, my buddies didn’t participate, but I did – backstroking the whole swim (didn’t know freestyle) on race day and trained on my mountain bike. I bought a Schwinn road bike on clearance at Walmart just before the race, and used that on race day (never once changing gears). I hobbled thru plantar fasciitis pain on the run, then ran down the finish line chute, crying all the way (and incidentally beginning my tradition of crying across the finish line) before I was crowned with my finisher’s medal.

I was officially hooked.

Fast-forward to 2017, I’m laser focused and I have my eyes set on completing an Ironman. As of September, I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds, have completed 5 sprints, and 2 swim relays, including an Ironman 70.3 later, and already have an Olympic distance on the schedule for 2018.

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