First Open Water Swim Tri

I’m blessed with an amazing TRIbe. Ladies that share their support, tips, and sometimes a reality check.

I was all set to have my Ironman 70.3 be  my first open water swim race.  My tri-sister Ashley told me no way, I had to do the LKN Tri and get an open water under my belt.

I’m so glad I did! The swim was a bit nerve racking.  They blew the horn and it was like thrashing piranhas.  Swimmers crawling over swimmers.  A few times, I stopped, and rolled over on my back to calm my nerves.

I ended up adding a few hundred yards to the 750 swim, because of a poor buoy strategy.  You could swim to either side, and I swam to the outside, which, turned out to be the long way.  That’s all right. I finished, and wasn’t last.

The bike ride was a beautiful trek with some nice hill work.    And, I was thrilled to be able to do run intervals on the run course after finally being released to run after a summer full of physical therapy.  I was so excited to do the run that I forgot to remove my bike gloves.

The icing on the top was having my family AND my niece and nephew who are four being there to cheer me on. I love that they can see their aunt being fit, and having fun…and “winning” the race.

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